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The Writer
Melanie is a thirty-two years young former newspaper reporter/photographer who grew up in a small town by the water in Washington and is now trying her luck in the city, still by the water. She’s a happily-taken, blue-eyed, curly brown-haired French/Scottish/German/English AMERICAN Gemini who is living life to the fullest. She's the mother of the two sweetest little boys. She’s also a writer, reader, photographer, smoothie-aholic, music whore, hiker, camper, sailor, stargazer, dreamer, sports nut, gamer girl, chocoholic, shy social butterfly, sometimes shop-aholic, half movie junkie, wannabe traveler. She's an honest, caring, patient, loyal, stubborn, easy-going, optimistic, liberal-leaning open-minded Christian who talks a ton and is a great listener. Her journal is NOT censored. She writes about work, family, guys, sex, emotions, frustrations, lame things that make her giddy and life in general.
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p.s. If I know you in real life prior to LJ, chances are good (99%) I won't add you. I've made ONE exception so far. However, I've met a few friends in person that I made here on LJ and they are some of my closest friends. I add people who I hope will truly mean something to me.
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The Loves
These three incredible people are my life. I don't know what I'd do without them. My sons are the best things to ever happen to me, and my soulmate is the best father I could imagine for any children I may have.
The Soulmate
There are no words to properly describe Travis, the love of my life. He is my prince charming and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him in my life.
The Kitty

My fur baby, Griffey.
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02.06 - Dad and Mom's 36th Anniversary
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04.01 - April Fool's Day
04.01 - Easter Sunday
04.28 - Amanda's Birthday
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05.23 - My Birthday
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05.28 - Memorial Day
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07.04 - 4th of July
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08.02 - Mandy's Birthday
08.02 - Isaiah's Birthday
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09.01 - Labor Day Camping Trip
10.16 - Anniversary with Travis
10.27 - Grandpa John's Birthday
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